Solar Advertising Trashcan

Solar Advertising Trashcan

Product Feature
Solar energy powered, eco-friendly
Multi applications, to be installed in any place with sufficient sunlight
No need city electricity and less maintenance
Free maintenance lithium battery

Product Details


Solar energy intelligent environmental protection box, through mature and humanized design, not only has beautiful appearance and novel, but also can let waste put into high efficiency and intelligence; realizes the functions of energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon environmental protection, cost saving and improving the image of the city; it can be widely used in parks, streets, public offices and other public places. The utility model belongs to a new intelligent product with high efficiency and environmental protection.


Solar intelligent garbage can uses solar energy as the only energy source without any external power supply. The trash can has a large number of user-friendly characteristics, can be customized according to customer needs.

Solar power drive: Large Heat-resistant solar panels that provide all the energy needed for the equipment

The feeder opens automatically, without using handles or pedals.

Intelligent LED lamp: LED programmable control, can perform a variety of functions on demand, such as at night, when someone comes to put it on, automatically lit.

Equipped with two compression units, using two standard garbage cans (2 x 240 litres), the compression ratio is 6:1, equivalent to the total volume of about 2400 litres.

Equipped with a full degree sensor, it will send a short message reminder when the container is about to fill up.

Interactive with the launchers, play thank-you notes after the completion of the launch, and even provide guidance for classified delivery.

Cleaning is convenient and easy to clean. All electronic components are located behind the drop-in equipment and are waterproof, so they can be washed with a high-pressure water gun.

Remote Control Unit: Installed in each set of drop containers, remote control can be carried out.

optional functions

Provide Wifi hotspots, up to 10 to 15 mobile devices to provide network connectivity

Two USB ports to provide mobile phone charging service

Neon billboards can be installed on both sides of the container

The ashtray can be installed on the side of the box

Posters can be posted outside the box

It is more safe and convenient to install magnetic lock for receiving and transporting openings.

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