Outdoor Bus Stop Advertisement Light Box

Outdoor Bus Stop Advertisement Light Box

Advantages: Diverse beautiful design diverting water Anti illegal ads Recyclable, antiseptic and moth-proof Easily mounted, and convenient shipment GH-001 LingQi series bus shelter is developed based on the market demand,The frame of the product is Aluminum or Steel structure , the top is...

Product Details



Versatile and beautiful design

Steering water

Anti-illegal advertising

Recyclable, anticorrosive, moth-proof

Easy to install, easy to transport



The product is aluminum or steel, the top is tempered glass or PC polycarbonate panel,

The surface is usually electrostatic powder coating or paint, combined with

Modern advertising new technology (such as: LED, LCD, LED bright vision, rolling changes

Pictures, acrylic capsules, light conductors, solar energy, etc.) make it a modern city The necessary bright decoration, and the perfect combination of public welfare undertakings.


This product is modular structure: 4 meters, 12 meters, 16 meters, 20 meters, can be installed linearly. Or modular, the structure is easy to transport.

Now, our company has opened several

Series of aluminum products mold (has applied for design patents), the advantages have never

Rust and high recycling, which had been produced in batches, were huge Reduced costs. In addition, the top has a circle and line shape and so on. Colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

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