Urban Bike Shelters With Advertising Light Box

Urban Bike Shelters With Advertising Light Box

Bike shelters capable of holding from 10 to 100 bikes. We're offering an extensive range of designs and colours. Our range of contemporary and traditional cycle shelters are available in a range of styles. Cycle shelters are designed to suit any location and fit in within existing...

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Multiple side and roof substrate options including solar and LED lighting.
A variety of configurations can be customized with colour and other distinctive options, such as logos or custom name plates.
Ability to integrate a variety of mainstream off-the-shelf bike racks and cycle storage systems.
Full perimeter access or partial side wall enclosures that can be added and removed to suite the environmental conditions.
Low maintenance.


Many cities have adopted infrastructures that support cycling ridership.
Even though the cycling populations in bike-friendly hubs remains a steadily growing need for designated bike parking across all cities.

Just as people relying on public transportation are subject to the weather, cyclists can be similarly inconvenienced.
LMG’s Urban Series provides cyclists with temporary protection from the elements.
In addition, our bike shelters offer a highly visible landing for those looking to secure their bike with others in confidence.
Whether arriving or departing, the Bike Shelters with Advertising Series presents an ideal enclosure, a space suitable for locking up or prepping a bike prior to the next ride.

We have supplied our bike shelters to a wide array of clientele. We encourage you to visit us to learn more.

The Bike Shelters with Advertising Series is comprised of a series of aluminum extrusions that are bolted together on-site;
this makes it our most cost effective shelter to produce. These bike shelters can be populated with a variety of mainstream commercial bike racks.

All shelters serve the same basic need, but not all require the same configuration.
Our covered outdoor bike shelters are expandable and modular, meaning they can easily accommodate a client’s increased requirements, post-installation.
Our product allows for any number of enhancements to be incorporated including energy efficient overhead lighting, map directories digital system, advertising displays, etc.

Feel free to contact us.




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