Hollow Carved Letters

Product Description 1.Laser cut 304#1.0mm stainless steel as the advertising signs’s frame,leave about 10mm's surrounding edge; 2.Power coated the shaped advertising signs's surface to be the color you like; 3.Use waterproof LED,put it inside of the letter sign ,stick it; 4.Laser cut the...

Product Details

Product Description

1.Laser cut 304#1.0mm stainless steel as the advertising signs’s frame,leave about 10mm's surrounding edge;

2.Power coated the shaped advertising signs's surface to be the color you like;

3.Use waterproof LED,put it inside of the letter sign ,stick it;

4.Laser cut the 3.0mm's thickness of acrylic panel as the face of the letter we have finished;

5.Put the laser cut acrylic panel into the surrounding edge of the letter;

6.Connect transformer:12V&20A;

7.Connect the electricity,then the whole set of  letter sign will bright as the acrylic panel's color;

8. Inner high quality waterproof LED (CE and RoHS certification), over 50.000 hours guarantee;

9. Various colors: White, blue, red, yellow, orange...; (According to customer’s requirement)

product advantages

1.Ametabolic not matter it indoor or outdoor;

2.Waterproof materials and LED form this advertising signs;


4.Corrosion resistance;

5.Accept customization;

6. Door to door shipping cost service is available;


1.Brass locators;

2.Stud fixing to stand off;

3.Foam backing tray for surface mounting...

Different kinds of sign and different installation background will have different fixing method.


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