Airport Station Square Pillar Design Scrolling Advertising Light Box

1. Attractive appearance, enhance the advertising effect
2. Easy-assembly with designed structure
3. Strong in anti-rust, anti-corrosion, shock resistance
4. Durable with long lifespan
5. No need for maintenance

Product Details


1. Attractive appearance, enhance the advertising effect

2. Easy-assembly with designed structure

3. Strong in anti-rust, anti-corrosion, shock resistance

4. Durable with long lifespan

5. No need for maintenance

6. Low price with flow production line

7. Synchronized operation

8. Built-in-time

9. Display several poster.

10.Outdoor and indoor are both OK




Production Details


Computer engraving machine.

Carving, cutting all kinds of signs, seat plate, marble, copper, font, font, all kinds of signs, trademark and other metal materials.

UV Screen printing.

Range of screen printing applications is very broad, signs text panels, dials, shaped articles, signs, signs, fake metal pull, billboards and other.

Guillotine shear.

The main role is to metal processing.



Heating, high temperature or high pressure engage the metal or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics manufacturing processes and technology.


Line installation, LED lights, strips, slides, etc.

Quality Inspection.

Testing products series of parameters to ensure that manufactured products are compliant.


Packing & Delivery


1 Bubble Cotton & cardboard: to prevent moisture, deterioration, contamination and other loss
2 Export wooden: solid, anti-extrusion, anti-collision


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