Street Advertising Scrolling Megaboard

Street Advertising Scrolling Megaboard

Scrolling Mega Board Backlit Billboard Digital Scrolling Multiple Posters (DSMP) Scrolling Backlit Light Box which is in Aluminum Finish with Simple & Elegant. Main characteristics: The motor and drive fittings are fixed in the frame, the structure is simple and logical. Poster moving time...

Product Details

Basic introduction of light box

Overall size: Customized according to customer requirements or design drawings

Frame material: galvanized sheet/stainless steel available

Surface treatment: electrostatic spraying, paint treatment, stainless steel color

Optional color of light box: surface electrostatic powder spraying, baking paint (customers can choose a variety of colors)

Windows Material: Toughened Glass, PVC Endurance Plate, Plexiglass (Customers can choose freely)

Optional functions: rolling system, road brand, LED display, synchronous rolling, voice broadcasting, etc.

Light box appearance: reasonable structure, beautiful and generous, durable;

Rolling function: 2 to 6 pictures can be changed, the residence time of the picture can be arbitrarily set, the automatic switch, automatic cycle operation;

Change Content Mode of LED Display Screen: U Disk Change Content or Wireless Change Content

The light box body is produced by numerical control equipment, with high mechanical accuracy and guaranteed technology.

Term of use: 8-10 years

Picture: One-sided transfer, two-sided transfer, one-sided fixed, two-sided fixed, the material of the picture is light spraying cloth (waterproof, anti-ultraviolet radiation)

Panel selection: toughened glass/endurance panels are available

Customers can also choose accessories such as lighting system, rolling painting system, power supply system, solar energy system, time-controlled switch of micro-computer, leakage protector, hydraulic rod and so on.

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