Waterproof LCD Digital Poster

Waterproof LCD Digital Poster

Kiosk Case Material: 1.5mm SGCC Gavanized plate Surface treatment: Powder coated, anti-corrosion for 10 years Front Panel: 6mm AR glass (anti-reflective), Toughened explosion-proof, Light transmittance 97%, reflectivity less than 3%. 99% UV protection, 52% Solar radiation heat protection Cooling...

Product Details

main feature

1, aluminum alloy ultra-thin appearance, slim body, silver fashion, flexible placement;

2, full metal shell design, surface mount 4MM tempered glass, providing good protection;

3, high-definition highlight video display, able to adapt to a variety of outdoor environments and weather changes;

4, ultra-thin LED liquid crystal large screen, full HD, large viewing angle, full of perfect HD quality;

5, can automatically adjust the screen display brightness according to environmental changes, and can reduce light pollution;

6, energy saving, ultra-low power consumption, all-weather high reliability and stable operation, providing worry-free quality assurance;

7, outdoor protection level reaches IP65, waterproof, dustproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, anti-riot;

8, with HDMI, VGA, AV and other video interfaces, support a variety of multimedia file formats;

9, professional-grade motherboard, multimedia depth optimization function, support all formats video / picture;

10, strengthen the network version, support the main station file editing and management, terminal transmission and processing;

11. Remote release and management of broadcast content based on technologies such as network 3G;

12, high-power speakers, high-fidelity sound quality, surround sound, fully display the multimedia style;

13. The temperature control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment to ensure stable operation of the equipment in the environment of -40 to 50 degrees;

The main function

1. Split screen function: randomly divide different areas and display pictures, subtitles, videos, etc.

2, network function: support LAN / WAN / WIFI / 3G

3, switch machine settings: can be timed on and off, boot automatically loop

4, play mode: single repeat play, folder loop play, full loop playback

5, the volume setting: can be divided into time volume, different time periods, you can set different volume

6, support hanging corner icon display and super long flowing subtitles

7, program encryption, menu encryption

Placeable environment

Commercial areas, airports, terminals, park squares, leisure places, bus stops, telephone booths with large traffic, tourist attractions, catering industry, government and corporate outdoor publicity, etc.

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