Outdoor Lcd Monitor Digital Mupi Advertising Display

Outdoor Lcd Monitor Digital Mupi Advertising Display

Kiosk Case Material: 1.5mm SGCC Gavanized plate Surface treatment: Powder coated, anti-corrosion for 10 years Front Panel: 6mm AR glass (anti-reflective), Toughened explosion-proof, Light transmittance 97%, reflectivity less than 3%. 99% UV protection, 52% Solar radiation heat protection Cooling...

Product Details

Outdoor lcd monitor digital mupi advertising display



l Signal Interface:


1). standard features: USB 2.0 (Host), SD / CF card port, capacity of memory card support 32MB to 32GB


2). it is optional for HDMI, AV , VGA port



l Frame Features:


1). Adopts high transparent tempered glass as protection layer to prevent LCD panel being broken and distorted. All-weather waterproof,Sunlight Readable, IP65, outdoor signage.


2). Color for metal outer frame is available with Black color, Shinning-silver color, Golden Color, cream-white color; also we accept customizing color according to color code.


3). Adopts INNOLUX as High Brightness LCD Panel, Full New A grade standard.


4). Locking system for anti-thieves, prevented the player and storage devices from being stolen.


5). Build-in High Quality speakers Stereo 2pcs x 2W



l Power Supply:


AC110V-240V 50/60HZ,


Working voltage: DC 12V or 24V 5A



l Language Support:


Multi-language function: Chinese, English, France, Spanish, Korea etc



l Video/ Picture / Audio Format: ( support HD 1080P video )


1). Video format: AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MOV, WMV, RMVB, RM, ASF etc, support HD 1080p video


2). Picture format: JPG


3). Audio format: mp3



l Built-in Media Player Function:


1). Time Function: the player turns on/off at the same time everyday according to user setting.


2). No DVD style Mechanical movement, hence more durable and suitable for long-hour advertising playing.


3). Support 5 groups of auto power-on/off timer, and can set 5 groups of time one day and 7 days in one week.


4). Support software upgrade function by U-sticker via USB port.


5). Build-in Clock and calendar function in the system of player.


6). Playing advertising file automatically and circularly after insert CF card/SD/U-sticker etc.


7). Support playing list function: user can set different folders, copy all target files to those different folders via software, system would default to play your target file one by one.


8). Support IR Remote function, user can use IR to operate the whole LCD.


9). It is available with Horizontal OSD and Vertical OSD.

Material T6063 Case + 6mm Tempered Glass
Installation Floor Stand
Unit Size 2400 x 1200 x 320 mm
Video Interface VGA, HDMI, LVDS
Audio Interface Audio in
Brightness Control Automatically light sensor
Protection Grade IP65
Power Supply AC 108-115V or AC 208-240V, 50/60 HZ
Power Consumption 1.8 KW (Mainly for AC starting)
Working temperature -40~55oC
Working humidity 5%-100%
Standard Color RAL860
Packing Wooden Box, Pearl Cotton protection inside
Packing Size 2500*1500*460 mm
Gross Weight 240 KGs

The color scheme of the design


The color of the advertising structure frame is selected at the request of the customer.

We suggest RAL color system for varnish and powder coating.



1. Due to advertising player and touch integrated machine are mostly used in public places, so the voltage instability may cause damage to the equipment. It is recommended to use stable power supply. Do not use a power supply together with high-power equipment such as elevator. For example, in places where voltage is often unstable, such as subway stations, please use the corresponding voltage regulator for voltage regulation, otherwise it may make the advertising machine unable to work and even burns the advertising machine.

2. Do not expose directly the product to rain or sun, so as not to affect the normal use of the product. ( For waterproof products, please contact us at any time)

3. Please do not insert or remove the memory card in the power-on state, should be operated after shutdown.

4. Do not disassemble or repair the LCD advertising machine by yourself to avoid high voltage electric shock or other dangers. Professional maintenance personnel should be required to complete all maintenance work.

5. Before cleaning the screen of the LCD advertising machine, please unplug the power cord to ensure that the advertising machine is in a power-off state, gently wipe it with a clean, soft cloth without a thread, and do not use the spray directly on the screen.

6. Please read this manual carefully before inserting or removing the memory card. If the memory card cannot be inserted, do not insert it hard to avoid damage to the memory card pin. When this problem occurs, you need to check whether it is plugged in or not. If the unit does not work for a long time, please open the anti-theft lock on the card to turn off the 220V power supply; or unplug the power directly.

7. Please do not block the ventilation holes and audio sound holes on the advertising machine casing. Do not place the advertising machine near radiators, heat sources, or any other device that may affect normal ventilation.


Our Service

  1. Provide one site solution due to customer's project

  2. Counsellings to help customer won the bidding

  3. Sampling

  4. Bulk production

Lingqi factory welcome visit


Lingqi factory welcome visit

Inquiry Notice

Please advise your quantity and the design you need (with the size / color , the function , the install site)

for we can know your requirements and provide suitable solution.

We welcome any visit tour to our factory before order, we locate in Jinhua City,which is only 3hour from Shanghai , don't hesitate contact with us if you have doubt

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