The Use Of LED Display Screen

- Aug 26, 2017-

With the development of science and technology, LED display with its richly endowed by nature advantages, widely used in entertainment, sports, finance and securities, transportation stations, businesses and other institutions in various places, become the dissemination of information, news releases, advertising is the most common display media. As a carrier of various information, the LED screen carries the task of releasing and transmitting the information, and transmits the information to the public with unique and striking effect, which boils down to the following functions:

1, advertising using LED display system, running ads with pictures, video, text and other forms of advertising, LED display can be used as commercial advertising to attract customers, enhance the visibility of exposure, LED display screen is arranged on the staff, has the contact surface wide, direct information transfer etc..

2, television and live as the city image project construction, the work of the government is the window units, can provide real-time social news for the general public, using the live TV news broadcast module can live video, etc..

3, video and text information publishing system, you can use the video, pictures, text and other ways to release news, information, information, policies and regulations, weather forecasts, convenience notices, public information, emergency notices and so on.

4,LED display

Can be used as shop or shop decoration and landscaping, improve store image and enterprise grade.

5, for outdoor lighting or indoor lighting, play a maverick effect

6, foil atmosphere, through the display screen, you can play higher leadership and all kinds of VIP to visit, guide the welcome word, all kinds of major festivals celebration words, etc.

Thus, LED display can not only set information, entertainment, propaganda function, and as a new type of high-tech products, with its rich content of science and technology, the majestic and imposing appearance and smooth display, delicate color, can add a new life, set up a flat environment for activities landscape.