LINGQI Company Management Update Meeting

- Apr 28, 2020-

The meeting was started by Mr. Shi Beiping, Chairman of Lingqi.

He said: We must respond to the current situation, cherish the love of heaven, altruism, and lead the company to progress together; and said that we must implement the reform of the system with the strength and determination to establish a new company; at the same time, we must change the system of company inspiration. Contribute to the smart era of Internet of Things .     

After the meeting, Ms. Luo summarized:

I believe that under the leadership of Mr.Shi, and with the cooperation of all Lingqi people, the company's management level will be greatly improved.

In the current epidemic and crisis, we must face the difficulties and work together. makes data values, and make archievement on the Lingqi company platform: co-creation, win-win, and sharing!

Finally, the company issued appointment letters to the managers of each departments, and took a group photo to record the milestones in the history of LingQi development.