LED Display Several Commonly Used Wireless Control Mode

- Aug 26, 2017-

At present, the outdoor LED walk screen has occupied 80% of the outdoor media advertising area, and has become a new carrier of large-scale outdoor media advertising.

One, RF wireless control

Working principle: one end of the RF module receives the control computer, and the other end receives the control card serial port, and after the computer installs the driver program, a virtual serial port is generated, and data is sent through the serial port.

Features: convenient installation and debugging, data transmission distance of up to 300-1000 meters, the latter use without cost.

Equipment and price: RF send and accept module, about 350 yuan a pair. Supports one to many sending, that is, a sending module to a plurality of acceptance modules.

Disadvantages: radio frequency band, the state allows civil is not much, this batch of 433MHZ, is extremely susceptible to signal interference, and the transmission rate is very low, the baud rate can only be used for 4800 or 9600, not recommended.

Two, WIFI wireless control

Working principle: through the installation of a wireless router or other wireless devices, wireless network bridge and original user, set up wireless local area network, convenient to control network card into the wireless network, wireless network control.

Features: no wiring, easy installation and debugging, fast data transmission.

Required equipment and price: bridge, less than 800 yuan; wireless router (in the display, the best choice is to change the antenna equipment, so that you can effectively receive wireless signals), the price of about 100 yuan.

Disadvantages: the communication distance mainly depends on the bridge's gain ability, the communication distance of the wireless route is relatively short, and the signal of the partition wall is weak or has no signal. Suitable for short distance wireless signals. If the display area you have a wireless signal coverage, it is more simple, only needs to be bridged with the wireless router display control card connected to your wireless network, you can control the display in any computer on the network.