LCD Mounting Screen Commonly Used Way Of Installation

- Aug 26, 2017-

(1) desktop installation

LCD screen is equipped with a desktop base, can be placed on the monitoring console or other desktop, beautiful and generous, reflects its light and thin features.

(2) wall hanging and lifting methods

In the need of wall hanging and lifting installation occasions, LCD LCD screen also provides the corresponding installation of wall hanging accessories.

(3) installation of cabinet

Jingan LCD screen with 19 inch standard machinery for the control room or broadcast the installment way for you, and according to the specific spatial locations and specific requirements, the use of the monitor to meet the needs of users.

(4) curtain wall embedded

Jingan LCD screen in various TV broadcast monitoring center to monitor the studio or combined into a wall hanging curtain wall provides a place, and according to the user's requirements, according to the spatial structure of the use of premises, a place with the use of specific monitoring curtain wall by combination of different specifications of the monitor, make better use of the the limited space, the products occupy less space, more display screen.