Digital signage liquid crystal advertising machine type and selection method

- Aug 26, 2017-

In the subway stations, large supermarkets, buildings, corridors and other places, now everywhere digital signage, liquid crystal advertising machine figure. This new way of information dissemination, because has the characteristics of real-time updates, convenient maintenance, and is defined as "the fifth media after newspaper, radio, television, internet".

Because the digital signage advertising machine can transmit certain information to a specific group at a given time, the efficiency of information transmission is very high, and it has also been favored by many users. However, not all users have enough expertise. In the choice of advertising machines, often encountered some headaches.

In the basic division of advertising machines, indoor advertising machine and outdoor advertising machine are the two most common categories. Then, what are the characteristics of these two categories and what kind of user choices are they suitable for?

From the name, you can initially distinguish between the two types of advertising machine. As the name suggests, the two are different places of use. Indoor advertising machine is mainly used in the application environment of Museum, Chaodeng stable indoor environment. Outdoor advertising machines are mainly used in the changeable environment or even harsh outdoor conditions.

Indoor advertising machine

In the choice of the two, it needs to be decided according to the actual purpose. If you need in the temperature, humidity, lighting, electromagnetic and other objective conditions are relatively stable environment, then the indoor advertising machine is a good choice. And if you need to withstand the sun, wind and rain, high temperature, low temperature and other harsh environmental tests, you must choose outdoor advertising machine.

Not only that, you can also select the ad content you want to play. If you want your advertisement in the elevator, shop, exhibition hall, conference room and other indoor places to convey information to customers, you can choose indoor advertising machine. And if your advertisement wants to be used in a bus station, a large commercial street, an airport, etc., you need to choose an outdoor advertising machine.

Outdoor advertising machine

This article focuses on outdoor advertising machine. As this kind of advertising machine is often faced with harsh outdoor environment, it usually needs to be waterproof, dustproof, anti lightning, anti-corrosion, anti-theft and so on, so as to ensure stable operation all the year round. And different from the indoor environment, in the outdoor strong lighting conditions, must be able to see clearly, so the brightness and durability of the display requirements higher.

In addition, due to the more complex outdoor environment, the outdoor advertising machine needs stable operation, so as to reduce the late maintenance, and maintain more convenient way, which puts forward higher requirements in the power supply and other hardware.