How To Choose Indoor LED Display Screen

- Aug 26, 2017-

Indoor LED display screen

The advantages of high brightness, no seam, the disadvantage is the pixel coarse, low resolution. At present, the commercialization of indoor full-color LED display density is highest, do P4, that is, 62500 pixels /1 square meters. Interior HD LED large screen, suitable for viewing the distance from the 3m-30m site.

Choose indoor high-definition LED large screen, mainly from the following considerations.

1. real pixels and virtual pixels. Like outdoor full color, indoor full color pixels are divided into real and dummy pixels two.

2. tube core. Like outdoor full color, generally recommended indoor full color blue and green tube by tube core tube using Silan azure, the red or the tube core Guanglei jia. The tube core used in Japan Nichia and the recommendations of CREE high-end products.

3. package form. Indoor full-color LED display LED surface form has single light, sub table paste, three fight a table paste, and three in one table paste, and so on, the appearance is also different. The advantages of the table mount package is light angle, good consistency, easy automatic welding process, is the mainstream product of full-color LED screen, but now the price is relatively high; the single lamp from the perspective of relatively small, the brightness is slightly higher, lower prices. Sub patch is also a kind of single light. Single light and sub table stickers are cheaper, is a transitional product.

4. density. Because indoor full color LED large chip control circuit, high density, it is now a full color density commercial also can not be very high, there are several P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10 etc..

5. drive mode. Indoor full-color LED display drivers are constant current drive, using dynamic scanning mode (mainly 1/4, 1/8 and other scanning methods). In the same case of the core, the 1/4 scan uses more circuitry and higher brightness.