How to buy digital signage LCD advertising machine?

- Aug 26, 2017-

Digital signage display LCD advertising machine is using LCD to play video ads and pictures, multimedia technology is especially suitable for high-end brands, deliver a full range of product information, promotional information to consumers, enhance the product display effect in the terminal sales rate and show, stimulate impulse buying.

For the first time to buy digital signage, LCD advertising machine merchants, it is difficult to choose exactly what kind of advertising machine to buy, how can we really buy cost-effective, suitable for their advertising machine products?. As the saying goes, everything is hard in the beginning, a back two back, buy goods than three, see more, multi comparison advertising prices, heart naturally is very few, so grasp of know what are the styles of advertising machine, advantages and disadvantages, will be of great help to buy liquid crystal advertising machine.

What should be paid attention to when choosing digital signage LCD advertising machine:

1, performance: including advertising machine screen brightness, resolution, advertising machine response time, lamp life and other parameters. With excellent performance, it can guarantee the normal operation of the advertising machine, thereby prolonging the service life.

2: power supply: as we all know, the power of advertising machine is to support the content of play as a pillar, it is very important to choose a stable and high quality power supply.

3, style: enterprises to buy digital signage, LCD advertising machine is to attract consumers' eyes, proliferation of brands, and ultimately achieve sales purposes. It is easy to pay attention to choosing a fashionable LCD advertising machine. Rather than passively waiting for attention, it is better to take the initiative to attract a large number of eyeballs, so that the advertising effect will be twice the result with half the effort.

4, brand: for advertising machine manufacturers, the choice of advertising machine manufacturers is also essential, and this is the quality of LCD advertising and maintenance of the basic guarantee. In the purchase of advertising machines, enterprises, businesses can conduct field visits, focusing on advertising machine manufacturers, the size of the corresponding configuration, production. You can also personally experience the performance of LCD advertising machine.

5, the pre-sale customer service service: is there a special call for professional guidance in the application installation advertising machine when problems have professional maintenance personnel on-site maintenance and so on, these are the purchase pre-sale customer service digital signage LCD advertising machine should pay attention to.