8 Major Maintenance Skills For LED Display

- Aug 26, 2017-

We know, LED display is a common commercial lighting lamps, it can not only play the role of commercial lighting, but also as an advertising screen for the broad masses of advertisers to provide promotional services. But the LED display, especially the LED display, large screen is generally used outdoors, so it needs to be maintained, otherwise it will greatly shorten its life.

1, LED full-color display screen, and our users are most closely related, it is necessary to do a good job cleaning and maintenance. Long exposure to outdoor environment, wind, sun, dust and other prone to dirty, for some time down, the screen must be a dust, which need to be cleaned in a timely manner to dust soil wrapped for a long time, the surface effects of viewing.

2, maintain the full color LED screen, large screen use environment humidity, do not let any moisture content of things into your full-color LED screen large screen. A large screen of a full color screen with humidity causes power to cause corrosion to the full-color display parts and cause permanent damage.

3, the screen is strictly prohibited water, iron powder, easy to conductive metal. LED display, large screen as far as possible placed in a low dust environment, large dust will affect the display effect, while excessive dust will cause damage to the circuit. If the water is flooded for various reasons, please cut off the power immediately and contact the maintenance personnel until the inside of the display panel is dry and can be used.

4. Try to keep objects away from the screen that may cause damage to the full-color display screen, while cleaning the screen as gently as possible to minimize the possibility of injury.

5, do not play for a long time in all white, red, green, blue and other full bright screen, so as not to cause excessive current, the power cord heating too large, LED lamp damage, affecting the screen life.

6, pay attention to the switching sequence of LED display and are generally the first to open the computer to control the normal operation after the open LED display screen, and in turn off the computer, first of all to close the LED display, then turn off the computer.

7, LED screen, large screen regularly check whether the normal work, whether the line damage, if not work, should be replaced in time, the line is damaged, to repair or replace in time.

8. Request the power supply to be stable, and the earthing protection is good, do not use in the abominable natural condition, especially the strong thunder and lightning weather.