Triangular Prism Led Rotating Screen Rotating Led Display

Triangular Prism Led Rotating Screen Rotating Led Display

Full-color LED poster screen is the ultra-thin high-definition LED display newly developed by our company Z. The model has P1.7LED advertising machine and P2.5LED advertising machine. The thinnest is only 3cm, which is really ultra-thin and ultra-clear. LED poster screen, LED advertising machine...

Product Details

P4 Triangular Prism Led Rotating Screen Rotating Led Display Generally used in the airport, shops, high-speed rail stations and other places, can also be used in Park Plaza, commercial street, shopping malls, high-end products such as the release of its unique dance and video dynamic effects, the impact of people's visual eye, highlight Distinctive temperament and charm.

Product Description:

P4 Triangular Prism Led Rotating Screen Rotating Led Display Stacked by 3-4 four-sided pillars. Each cylinder is composed of four-sided LED display or light box box. Each cylinder can rotate 360 degrees like a cube, showing a dynamic led display content or screen in the rotation.
LED rotating screen, is a new way of advertising experience, is a smart outdoor advertising products, which can make the advertising content to show the same as the magic of the audience. Attract the audience's attention, deepen the impression of advertising in the eyes of the audience, so that the experience of the content more fresh and exciting, and greatly improve the advertising delivery rate, so that the audience feel very fun in the process of advertising experience. To achieve better advertising results.


  • Industrial-scale large-scale rotation support, life expectancy of up to 20 years.

  • 360 degree rotation. In any case absolutely no telecommunications and signal line winding problems.

  • The center pillar uses a double-layer structure to ensure that the height and large diameter rotating screen column strength.

  • Screen body installation, removal, maintenance is convenient

  • Industrial-grade programmer and stepper servo motor to replace the general mechanical motor, more accurate positioning.

  • Screen body spacing is small (27mm), decorative effect is good.

  • Up and down the screen glass decoration, high grade.

  • CNC equipment processing, high precision.

Main Spec:

Single screen specification:1664*1024=1.7m²

Full screen specification:1.7*9=15.3m²

Company Information:


1. Is this rental led display model maintenance from back or from the front?

From back, we have another model which is front maintenance, panel size is 500x1000mm as well

2. If I want high refresh rate, could you do that

Yes, we usually use MBI5124/MY9868 for middle level products, we can also use MBI5153 or other high refresh rate driving IC for high end rental led display application

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