Why LingQi use T6063 as main material for advertising light box

- Dec 21, 2019-

The elements of T6063 aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon. It has excellent processing performance, excellent weldability, extrudability and electroplating, good corrosion resistance and toughness. It is easy to polish and color film, and has excellent anodizing effect. It is a typical extrusion alloy.           

T6063 aluminum alloy profiles are widely used in building profiles, irrigation pipes, pipes, bars, profiles for vehicles, stands, furniture, elevators, fences, etc. due to its good plasticity, moderate heat treatment strength, good welding performance, gorgeous color of the surface after anodizing treatment and many other advantages.

It has many valuable features:           

1. Heat treatment strengthening, high impact toughness, insensitive to lack.            
2. It has excellent thermoplasticity and can be extruded into various sections with complex structure, thin wall and hollow at high speed or forged into forgings with complex structure. The quenching temperature range is wide and the quenching sensitivity is low. After extrusion and forging demoulding, as long as the temperature is higher than the quenching temperature. That is to say, it can be quenched by spraying water or wearing water. Thin walled parts (6 < 3mm) can also be air quenched.            
3. The welding performance and corrosion resistance are excellent, and there is no tendency of stress corrosion cracking. Al Mg Si alloy is the only one without stress corrosion cracking.
4. After processing, the surface is very smooth and easy to anodize and dye.