What's the price of pylon signs?

- Jun 29, 2020-

 I believe everyone knowing that all kinds of finished product have a systematic and reasonable quotation.

And it is difficult to formulate a reasonable budget quotation under the unknown circumstances. 

Therefore, the pylon signs manufacturers usually need to know the installation environment, specifications, size and material requirements before designing the pylon signs. 

Despite the size, materials and design, craft of the pylon signs is also the main factor that determines the budget price.

       (1) Materials of pylon signs

       The production materials of the spylon signs are divided into main materials and auxiliary materials.

the steel structure frame is main materials, and the stainless steel plate, aluminum-plastic plate, acrylic plate, LED light source, decorative film are auxiliary materials, because the price of each material is different, the type and amount of the selected materials are one of the main factors that determine the budget price of the  pylon signs.

       (2) The size of pylon signs

       The biggest difference between the pylon signs and the guide signage is that the pylon signs are larger. 

Because the pylon signs use more materials and has certain manufacture difficulties, the price is slightly higher.

       (3) The craft of pylon signs

       The manufacturing process of the pylon signs is divided into high standard and normal standard. 

It is usually determined according to the application place and installation environment. 

The high standard will be use electroplating, silk screen print and other high-cost processes. 

But simple process for normal standard is usually painting or stickers.