What areas can the LED display be used in?

- Aug 26, 2017-

As everyone knows, the big screen in recent years, the media market development limited gradually, in order to break the deadlock, more and more LED display manufacturers began to focus on a small area of the display screen from the production, demand breakthrough.

LED digital signage

Because of the popularity of LED large screen in outdoor advertising media, the installation of high quality screen is becoming a scarce resource of outdoor advertising. In addition, the negative impact of LED light pollution and noise caused by the large screen on the negative impact of urban management, LED large screen outdoor installation location approval process has become increasingly complex and difficult. These factors restrict the development of outdoor video media gradually highlight, small area, no LED digital signage need the approval process of the demand is gradually highlighted, gas station, airports, train stations and other outdoor media resources by many media giants into the strategic layout. As for the LED display manufacturers, with production technology progress and decline of beads cost, suitable for a closer look at the inside and outside of small spacing LED digital signage is in line with the needs of the advertising market.

LED display with its unique advantages, gradually replacing the traditional billboards, inkjet, light boxes and so on, has become a new force in the advertising media industry. Compared with traditional media, the LED display can display text, pictures and video. It is more attractive, more compelling and more visible in the form of visual, vivid and vivid display. In the densely populated commercial areas, square advertising, new mode of communication, set up a good image of the media; wider perspective, wider range of communication, more audiences, can produce more advertising benefits. Advertising media LED display main application field, all busy streets, shopping malls, shopping centers, square parks, building blocks, landmark buildings, etc..

LED car screen

In the past two years, some of the advertising companies are in urgent need of new business breakthroughs after some specific segments of the outdoor advertising market have been split up. After that, advertising investors began to focus their attention on the traffic carriers for daily travel. Since then, the bus and taxi advertising market has also developed rapidly. Under the background of the weakening of traditional media advertising market, a new advertising method is urgently needed to break the situation, and the vehicle screen becomes a kind of advertising way to provide information and related services.

Buses and taxis are public transportation vehicles, as well as city cards, which transport large numbers of passengers every day, shuttling across the streets. For a large and medium-sized city, the number of buses and taxis at least in more than 10000, with its wide coverage, long operation time and frequent in the crowded place, can be said that this kind of traffic tools as the carrier of the advertising market is still very impressive.

In addition, careful people may find that taxis, buses and other long installed LED display. When moving, the taxi LED display and bus LED display can display the public transportation information, advertisement, news, weather and so on. Not only for the passengers to provide a higher level of service, but also for operators to bring considerable benefits, is a technology, fashion, investment value of high-tech products. And to establish a good image of taxis, buses played an important role.

In order to provide more humane services, passengers are satisfied with the trip, many airports set up LED display, flight information and flight destinations, weather information, urban information and living composite index information. This allows passengers to wait for boarding or boarding at the same time, for their travel more understanding and preparation.

LED traffic guidance panel

Multi screen used in highway traffic induced by the variable information board, suggesting that road traffic information currently for drivers, such as in front of the crash site, construction, strong winds, fog and other warning signs; can also display simple graphics, etc. in order to drive the speed limit value, staff can better grasp the current situation of the road, but also can be used as indicator of city road in order to avoid unfamiliar road, go wrong, traffic congestion, reduce the incidence of traffic accidents. By using the theory of real-time dynamic traffic assignment and traffic flow forecasting, and LED traffic signs, the best route of arrival is provided for travelers.

LED lamp post screen

The lamp post screen is a display screen installed on the street lamp pole, which is suitable for the installation and use of street lamp poles on both sides of highways and streets. Because the street lamp pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous receiving and synchronous broadcasting, the utility model is used on the highway, and the distance of the driving vehicle is always accompanied by the accompanying content of the high-definition street lamp screen.