What are the future trends of outdoor advertising light boxes?

- Aug 26, 2017-

1, outdoor advertising lamp box design patterns increasing, outdoor advertising light box style from plane to diversified function. for example

Digital image, neon lamp, programmable remote control outdoor advertisement lamp box, etc.

2, the body outdoor advertising lamp box. Mobile advertising on the roads is gaining popularity, such as bus ads for people on the road.

3, the diversification of advertising locations. Such as bus platform, subway platform, street benches, shopping malls and other public occasions.

4. Localization of outdoor advertising lamp box. With the continuous development of local advertising industry, there will be more local customers will continue to put together the rational use of outdoor advertisements, local advertisements can also display public service information, become the local cultural display window.

5, three-dimensional outdoor advertising lamp box will become a new development trend. Stereoscopic outdoor advertising lamp box has great attraction, eye-catching design, impressive, advertising effectiveness doubled.