Trend of outdoor advertising light box

- Dec 14, 2019-

Outdoor advertising light box is very brand-name and advertising effect,

now the number of advertising light box is growing.

1. The design style of outdoor advertising light box is increasing day by day.

The design of outdoor advertising light box changes from flat type to multimedia function. For example: rolling light box, flashing light box, LED full color screen light box, etc.

2. Diversity of advertising locations. Such as bus platform, subway platform, shopping mall and other public occasions.

3. Localization of outdoor advertising light box. With the continuous development of local advertising industry, more and more local customers will continue to make rational use of outdoor advertising light boxes. Local advertising light boxes can also display public service information and become a window for local culture display.

4. Three dimensional outdoor advertising light box will become a new development trend. The three-dimensional outdoor advertising light box has great attraction, eye-catching design is impressive, and the advertising benefits are doubled.