Transparent LED Screen will be the future of LED Display

- Oct 04, 2019-

Nowadays, the development of cities is changing with each passing day.

People's requirements for the environment have not only stayed at the level of cleanliness and tidiness.

In recent years, on the one hand, major cities have concentrated on renovating old billboards, three-sided flips and advertising screens with poor effect, on the other hand, they vigorously advocate the construction of urban lighting atmosphere.

In addition to giving people visual impact and enjoyment, the color display screen of streets and lanes also bears the interactive platform between supply and demand.

Businessmen need to publicize and promote, the public needs to guide consumption, and the society needs to convey positive energy.

So in recent years, with the rapid development of the display industry, the number of major intersections, commercial streets and display screens in cities is increasing, and people's curiosity about their novelty is not as strong as it was a few years ago.

At this time, many forward-looking businesses and media operators need to re-plan their thinking, make the screen big enough, install high enough, see far enough, the effect is shocking enough.

In order to improve the influence, so as to gather more popularity and create greater profit margin. Since then, the traditional installation location obviously can not meet the requirements.

The most perfect solution is the high-rise building exterior wall, glass curtain wall, commercial street skylight curtain and so on. This will be a revolutionary change for the display industry, but also a challenge for operators to traditional thinking mode. Traditional display screen is too bulky, not ventilated, not transparent, high energy consumption, covering the appearance of the building, obviously not suitable for such installation conditions.

 Transparent LED Screen, perfectly invisible in the building appearance, does not destroy the building structure. At the same time, it has little influence on indoor lighting, ventilation and visual field.

For operators, the biggest operational advantage will be the dramatically reduced energy consumption and the extremely low post-maintenance cost.

For engineers, light weight, easy installation and few external connection lines can greatly reduce construction costs and greatly improve construction efficiency.

From the current momentum of high-speed and high-quality development advocated by the industry, in the future, indoor screens will become clearer and clearer, and outdoor screens will become larger and larger.

The exterior walls of existing high-rise buildings and glass curtain walls in cities will become the best carriers of outdoor screens.

Moreover, the future display screen will not only be square and square, but also more and more special-shaped display screens with beautiful shapes and landmarks. So this challenge is the challenge of manufacturers to break through products, the challenge of business operators to vision, and the challenge of engineers to traditional thinking. So we say that the future of outdoor screens must be  Transparent LED Screen.