The usage of outdoor digital screens

- Aug 07, 2019-

Here are somethings we should pay attention to when using outdoor digital screens.

1.Install the outdoor digital screens

Most outdoor digital screens are simple to be installed. Please follow the technical guidance we provide with digital screens.

Don't hesitate contact us if you have any problem.

2.Notices for Installation of outdoor digital screens

Don't block the air vent holes or speaker sound holes on the frame .

Never install outdoor digital screens to places near radiators, heat sources or any other objects that may affect the normal operation of ventilation equipment.

And because outdoor digital screens mostly used in public ,  unstable voltage may cause equipment damage. So we suggest to use stable power supply or UPS to stablize the power voltage, and don't use the same power line with high-power equipment such as elevator , or the power surge may damage the outdoor digital screens.

3. Outdoor digital screens not responding

What happens when outdoor digital screens not responding ?  The most possbility is the power supply of outdoor digital screens not working.

Open the lock of outdoor digital screens , and test if the power supply works , the cables are connected , the IC boards are working , the screens are working.

4.  Notices for cleaning of outdoor digital screens

Before cleaning the outdoor digital screens, please turn off the power and unplug the power cable to ensure that the outdoor digital screen is in a power-off state. Then gently wipe the screen glass with soft cotton cloth. Don't use spray directly on the screen.