The types of outdoor digital signages

- Aug 09, 2019-

As more requirements to the digital signage, there are different types of outdoor digital signage , so here we summarize some of the most popular types of outdoor digital signages:

By Display Units:

1. LCD outdoor digital signages

The advantage of the LCD outdoor digital signages is that its display is clearer, and can be made in touch kiosk.


2.LED outdoor digital signages

LED display unit is common for LED display have no limit size, and can be made in pylon display.

By Applications:


1.Commercial outdoor digital signages: In the past, shopping malls use printed advertisements, this is inconvenient to change and not eco-friendly also would take extra cost, and the appearance of shopping mall advertising outdoor digital signages just solves these problems.

2.Information outdoor digital signages used in Airport / Train Station /Bus Station :  There are many people flow in Airport / Train Station /Bus Station. In such occasions, the advertisements are very effective, digital signage can also show important informations such as map and schedules.