The type of led light for advertising light box

- Jun 15, 2019-

Customers may wonder what the difference between the led light used on advertising light box on maintence.


At present, there are mainly four types of led light for advertising light box in the market:

1. Backlit led strip:

Advantages: flexible size, flexible spacing, simple installation, easy maintenance, can meet the requirements of different specifications and sizes of light boxes, waterproof and non-waterproof products.

Disadvantages: it is not very convenient for small and special-shaped light boxes. 

Applicable to the thickness of more than 5cm light box, for different light box size, different brightness requirements, different application scenes of light box lighting can be adjusted as needed, its application field is very wide, such as a variety of advertising light box, soft film smallpox. Backlit led light strip is the most widely used light box factory.

2. Sidelit led strip:

Advantages: lower power consumption, lower material cost, moderate brightness, simple installation, 220V direct power no need adapter.

Disadvantages: it is not suitable for customers with high brightness requirements. Most of the side LED light boxes are not waterproof, and the waterproof treatment requirements for light boxes are relatively high. 

It is suitable for the light box with the distance less than 3 meters, such as the light box of waiting hall and mobile phone.

3. Point light source:

Advantages: Small size, high brightness.

Disadvantages:difficult installation.

Suitable for special type light box (e.g. Flashing light box) or small light box.

4. Ultra-thin led strip:

Advantages: narrower circuit board, more beads, high brightness.

Disadvantages: Bad heat dissipation.

It is suitable for ultra-thin light boxes under 4cm.