The special advantages of LingQi Advertising Boards

- Jul 18, 2019-

We can see some advertising boards in some commercial plazas or in crowded places such as stations, subway , etc.

The advertising boards can be widely used in malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, stores, hospitals, hotels, banks, parks, entertainment venues, sports venues, exhibitions, enterprises, lighting projects and other scenarios.

After several years of R&D in production, the Advertising Lightboxes of LingQi have the following advantages:

1.Energy saving

with technial parameter on optical engineering , we can use less LED to get more brights.

2.Digital System can change posters

With Scrolling motor system . Each advertising light box can set 2-6 advertisement posters. It can set the stop time of each posters. And it can also be controlled automatically.

With digital LED Video System , can play video or mutiple pictures. Unlimited forms of multimedia advertisement can be displayed.

3.Remote debugging

Can automatically send running status to remote servers.
Fault warning send to advertising owner automatically.

Here are some advertising light box of LingQi