The protections of outdoor lcd digital signage

- Jul 15, 2019-

Outdoor lcd digital signage can be used outdoor because it's waterproof ,

but there is more protections to make sure it can work at outdoor environment.

1. Waterproofing:We have long been committed to outdoor product design and development, product diversification, waterproofing grade can reach IP55, can run normally in heavy rain;

2. Dust-proof: Dust is an important factor to reduce product efficiency and accelerate product aging. By designing dust-proof structure and dust-proof filter products, the dust-proof grade can reach IP55.

3. Anti-theft: Through our professional design, there will not be a screw exposed to the outside, combined with anti-theft function of locks and strong structural support, anti-theft problem is solved immediately;

4. Lightning protection: In order to achieve all-weather outdoor broadcast performance, through reliable lightning protection design, in thunderstorm days to provide security for equipment;

5. Anti-riot: Even if the glass is damaged, it can only produce spider-web-like cracks. Its fragments are firmly adhered to the middle layer, which can avoid personal injury or property loss caused by glass falling.
 Whether installed vertically or inclined, it can withstand the penetration of accidental impact, and the whole glass remains intact. It can continue to withstand the impact and shelter the storm until replacement.
6. Anti-reflection: Glass coated with special coating can improve the visual angle and brightness of the picture, reduce the screen reflection, and make the image display clearer, brighter and more saturated.

7. Anti-electromagnetic interference: shielding measures are adopted for internal electrical components, which can effectively prevent the interference of internal devices and cables to signals, and also prevent the interference of external electromagnetic to LCD products.

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