The lifetime of advertising LED screens

- May 31, 2019-

Advertising LED screens also called Advertising LED Displays ,Advertising LED Billloards.

    Nowadays, more and more advertising LED screens appear on the city, and becoming a beautiful landscape of the city at night. 

However, these LED advertising screens have a certain service life, especially outdoor advertising LED screens, which are exposed to wind and sun all day long, the lifetime would be shorter than the indoor ones. 

Besides external factors, the internal composition of advertising LED screen also determines its lifetime.

LED Emitter is the key of advertising screen and the part related to life. 

For LED Emitters, the main indicators are: attenuation characteristics, water vapor permeability characteristics, uv resistance. 

If the manufacturer of advertising LED screen fails to pass the evaluation on the index performance of LED Emitters, it will lead a lot of troubles and seriously affect the life of advertising LED screen.

Besides LED Emitters, advertising LED screen also uses many other supporting parts, circuit board, plastic shell, power supply, connector,  etc. 

Quality problem of any part may lead to the reduction of the lifetime. 

Therefore, the lifetime of the advertising screen is determined by the life of the key components. 

For example, LED, power supply and metal shell are all selected according to the standard of 8 years, and the circuit board's protective process performance can only support for 3 years. After 3 years, due to corrosion damage, we can only get a display screen with a lifetime of 3 years.

The production process of advertising LED screen determines the anti-fatigue performance. 

It is difficult to guarantee the anti-fatigue performance of the module without professional three-proof processing technology. 

When the temperature and humidity change, cracks will appear on the PCB surface, resulting in the decline of the protective performance.

Therefore, the production process of advertising LED screen is also a key factor to determine the display lifetime. 

The production process involved: storage and pretreatment process of components, welding process, three-proofing process, waterproof and sealing process, etc. The effectiveness of the process is related to material selection and ratio, parameter control and operator quality. 

For most advertising LED screen manufacturers, experience is very important. A factory with many years of experience will be more effective in controlling the production process.