The future of the subway advertising industry

- May 11, 2019-

(1) The content tends to be commercial-oriented, taking into account the public welfare and local characteristics. The advertising content of the subway is mainly commercial, and the timeliness is strong. When the company launches new products or changes in seasons and sudden major events, the company will replace the advertisements. The theme and expression techniques, and time-new. The subway is a public place of production. It must shoulder the information needs of the audience and shoulder certain social responsibilities. Therefore, the public interest information content of public service advertisements is also an important part of subway advertising. To a certain extent, subway advertising also combines the characteristics of invisible advertising in combination with public welfare and commerciality.

(2) New technology promotes the transition from one-way communication to interaction The subway advertising media vocabulary is extremely rich, and the media expression mode is constantly innovating, forming a comprehensive visual interactive experience. Human body sensing, interactive projection, Bluetooth launch, etc., effectively enhance the impact of advertising. Sansheng Consulting analyst pointed out that with the development of various interactive technologies, interaction has become an important development direction of advertising forms. Interactive advertising forms represented by touch screen, LBS technology and enhanced real-world technology have been increasingly presented to the audience. In front of the audience, it brings a unique experience to the audience and achieves a leap in advertising performance. The rapid development of mobile internet has made traditional media encounter unprecedented challenges. How to let traditional media find new value positioning in this context, how to use the opportunities brought by mobile internet to upgrade traditional media platforms. The topic that outdoor media companies have to solve. All of this marks the inevitable entry of the advertising industry into the interactive era.

(3) Marketing trends drive all-round, three-dimensional communication trends The distinctive features of new media are accurate positioning and differentiation of all targets, achieving an equal dialogue between consumers and brands, and subway advertising to try interactive and experiential marketing, making it an integrated marketing midline. One of the important media means of promoting and promoting online advertising has helped the brand to win the recognition and support of a leader of a certain type of product, occupy the market, and provide interactive and precise positioning of advertising and media ideas. Metro advertising starts from the whole, the dialect overall, through the enhancement of advertising performance factors (area size, color contrast, etc.) and creative novelty to print the audience interest, achieve visual balance, maximize the creation of a colorful and intuitive experience, and ensure the information fragmentation The concentration of the audience in the era of the era has become one of the effective means of communication for integrated marketing.