The application of outdoor digital signage

- Sep 04, 2019-

With new technologies, outdoor advertising digital signage has developed a new type of brand promotion and communication, forming a new trend of outdoor advertising development, which will inevitably add new power and energy to modern brand communication and generate new brands.

Where are the applications to the most outdoor advertising digital signage?

Business enterprise advertising and media selection

The problems that enterprises are plagued with when doing outdoor advertising are often focused on specific media choices. Measuring the number of audiences for outdoor advertising is an indicator.

For example, a survey of outdoor advertising audiences shows that the areas most frequently exposed to outdoor advertising machines are bustling commercial districts, accounting for 80% of the total number of outdoor advertising campaigns; followed by streetsides and vehicles, about 60% The ratio of left and right. More than 50% of people are exposed to outdoor advertising of bus shelters while waiting, and more than 30% of them are exposed to outdoor advertising digital signage in residential areas and subway stations.

About 30% were exposed to outdoor advertising digital signage at stations, airports, etc., and 20% saw outdoor advertising digital signage on the highway.

This set of static numbers helped us to get a glimpse of the audience communication of outdoor advertising.

In the specific operation process, in the media selection, it is often necessary for an experienced advertising company to consider it, weigh the human factors and environmental characteristics of the advertising placement area, and select outdoor advertising media suitable for brand communication.

Extensive outdoor advertising is no longer applicable. Outdoor advertising that emphasizes the effectiveness of news can not attract people's attention for a long time, and can not bring real benefits to enterprises. Nowadays, domestic outdoor advertising digital signage operators are more specialized, and can customize outdoor advertising digital signage for commercial enterprises and brands, and become one of the products that cannot be acquired in the process of brand communication.

It is precisely because commercial and other advertisers are increasingly investing in outdoor advertising, making outdoor electronic display technology new, and allowing outdoor advertising digital signage to re-enter the commercial enterprise brand station, then outdoor advertising digital signage may impact traditional media. , into a new outdoor advertising carrier!