The advantanges of outdoor digital signage in scenic spots

- Aug 06, 2019-

Holidays provide people with more tourism choices, and the main scenic spots will also face the peak of tourists. The operation of scenic spots will face enormous challenges. In order to better serve tourists, many scenic spots are now equipped with outdoor digital signage. So, what is the function of outdoor digital signage in scenic spots? What significance will it bring to the scenic spot?

The significance and function of installing outdoor digital signage in scenic spots are as follows:

First, improve the service level of scenic spots

As we all know, the scenic area is large. When tourists need consultation or service in the process of tourism, it is often difficult to find staff, and the appearance of outdoor digital signage can solve this problem.

Outdoor digital signage can interact with tourists through intelligent touch, let tourists know their current location, or click to understand the situation of scenic spots and the route to the destination, providing tourists with scenic map, road guide, explanation guide, etc. Video playback function can play videos and pictures to facilitate visitors to watch during rest. At the same time, it can also display safety warning and weather forecast all day, remind passengers to pay attention to safety, pay attention to the weather conditions in scenic spots, prevent weather changes in advance and reduce accidents.


Second, the commercial  use

Outdoor digital signage also opens up a new business profit model for scenic spots. As a kind of outdoor intelligent hardware equipment, outdoor digital signage can play continuously in the scenic area all day, regardless rainy days or hot days. Therefore, scenic spots can attract some commercial advertisements to outdoor digital signage, which not only does not affect the overall aesthetic feeling of the landscape, but also brings more benefits to the scenic spots, thereby better improving the service quality of the scenic spots.

At the same time, advertising machines can also play a propaganda role, play a smoking ban, fire ban, refuse littering ban, broadcast public service short films. And through the real-time updating of the network, we can promote the construction of cultural scenic spots and the development of urban civilization.

Facing the upcoming golden autumn tourism peak, the outdoor digital signage can relieve the pressure of scenic area management, provide more convenient travel experience for tourists, and better promote the dissemination of understanding the culture of scenic area.