Some tips of wall-mounted advertising light boxes

- May 28, 2019-


  Advertising light boxes are commonly used, such as ultra-thin advertising light boxes, wall-mounted advertising light boxes, three-dimensional advertising light boxes, etc. 

  When people choose advertising light boxes , not only because of the display effect of advertising light boxes, but also because of some characteristics of advertising light boxes, we will introduce them below.

Advertising Scrolling Wall-mount Light Boxes

  There are many kinds of advertisement light boxes, and there are many kinds of materials to make advertisement posters .

    But generally, the materials to make the poster for advertising light box are PE ,PVC .

    Most of the frames are made of mild steel or stainless steel .  And we choose T6060 Aluminum Profile because Aluminum is most antirust.

    Our advertising light box is more convenient to change the picture. With hydraulic rod it's much easier to open.