Some tips for Advertising light boxes shipment

- Jun 13, 2019-

Advertising light boxes are often large in volume, so they have some particularities in logistics.

What should we pay attention in the process of srolling advertising light boxes shipment?   



 1. Before shipment, the srolling light box should be packed well in advance.
The internal parts must be checked to see if they are fixed, if there is any shaking and falling out.

Then the Multi-layer Corrugated Carton packed well outside.            

The outer frame edges of top and bottom need to be packed externally and fixed with tape or packing tape, so that the light boxes are not easily damaged during loading and unloading.            

2. When advertising light boxes are loaded, there should be no distance between the light boxes, so as to avoid the shaking and collision of the light boxes during transportation, resulting in deformation or even dumping damage.            

3. The advertising light box can be used for wooden racks packing in the long-distance transportation to minimize the damage caused by shipment.            

Lingqi has many years of experience in export advertising light boxes. 

It is better to use fumigation free wooden racks and wooden pallets in case of air transportation or bulk cargo like LCL, 

so as to reduce the possible troubles in customs clearance and cargo inspection.