Solution of EV Charging outdoor digital signage

- Oct 21, 2019-

EV Charging digital signage is the combination of charging pile for electric vehicle and outdoor digital signage. With the rapid popularization of new energy vehicles in recent years, the demand for public EV charging piles are increased dramatically. If all these public EV charging piles are replaced by EV chargingdigital signage, the economic benefits will be extremely considerable.


For the EV Charging digital signage, the user portraits of this group of audiences are very obvious.

First, the owner is the high intention customer of the the automobile maintenance.

For the automobile dealers and second-hand car dealers, they also can advetise to the groups of target customers.

Second, the residents of middle and high-end communities.

Like many lift media , the target group of EV Charging digital signage also havs relatively high consumption capacity.

Third: the new concept of consumption.

For some new brands, the owners of electric vehicles are potential consumers, and they are also more accurate.

It can be predicted that with the continuous innovation and breakthrough of battery technology in recent years, people's recognition of new energy vehicles will be higher and higher, which will inevitably promote the synchronous growth of the demand for EV Charging facilities.

As a new type of EV charging equipment that can bring higher benefits to operators, the growth space of EV Charging digital signage is unlimited!