Select between floor stand LCD signage or wall mount LCD signage

- Sep 05, 2019-

How to choose floor stand LCD signage between wall mount LCD signage?

What's the difference between floor stand LCD signage and wall mount LCD signage?

Some customers have such problems. At present, with the development of advertising technology, is constantly updated, and the diversity of advertising LCD signage style is also increasing, which meets the needs of different places in the market.


Advertising LCD signage can be simply divided into floor stand LCD signage and wall mount LCD signage.

Which one is better, the floor stand LCD signage or the wall mount LCD signage?

This is a question which often asked by many new customers, in fact, each ones have the advantages.

A. floor stand LCD signage are movable. They are mainly used in banks, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls etc.

They often used to display advertising and brand information.

Most of them used as vertical.

B. The wall mount LCD signage hangs on the wall or other objects, which becomes a unique landscape for decoration, and is easy to catch the eyes of customers.

It can be put as vertical or horizontal.

At present, wall-mounted LCD signages are mainly used in stores, restaurants, supermarkets, office buildings etc. Wall-mounted advertising machines can quickly release promotional information and new product information, and also could build brand image of businesses.


Whether floor stand LCD signage or wall-mounted LCD signage, its main function is similar.

It is recommended that users choose according to their application scenarios and actual needs.

In terms of price, floor stand LCD signage is more expensive than wall-mounted LCD signage.

The installation of two is relatively simple, and both have stand-alone version and network version can be selected.

Stand-alone version is used for scenario less than 3pieces or no network, the content need to updated by USB disk or memory card.

Network version can update its content through network , the application is using 1 computer browser to control several LCD signage at the same time , it can also be used as stand-alone version.