Quick use of IDS of LCD Digital Signage

- Oct 20, 2019-

Most of LCD Digital Signage based on RK3xxx series have already installed the software "IDSv6".

The quickest way to use "IDSv6" app is using the USB function to play the pictures or video in USB stick.

Step1. Quick click the corner 4~8 times to enter the info interface.

And again clicks will enter the main menu of IDS


Step2. Click the Online/Offline Button on Second row


Step3. Select Standalone mode

Choose USB Disk

Then choose right rotation for your screen 0/180 for honrzontal and  90/270 for vertical display 


Step4 Click Ok to Main Menu and plug the USB stick


It shall enable play the media in USB stick now.

Note: the best resolution of picture or video shall be 1920*1080 or 1080*1920