Outdoor LED display installation five major points of attention

- Aug 26, 2017-

Outdoor LED display installation five big attention, the first big point steel structure

Usually the outdoor LED display installation area is large, and most of them are installed in more personnel intensive sites, the steel structure design should consider basic, wind load, waterproof, dustproof, moisture, temperature, lightning, the surrounding population density and other factors. At the same time, the steel structure also needs to be placed in power distribution cabinets, air conditioning, axial fan, lighting and other auxiliary equipment, but also a ladder, road maintenance facilities etc.. Therefore, in the implementation, the entire outdoor screen steel structure should be approved by the competent government departments after the design drawings to ensure the reliability and safety of the entire steel structure.

The second points are waterproof and moistureproof

Outdoor LED display installed outdoors, often the sun and rain, the wind blew the dust cover, working environment, electronic equipment is wet or damp will cause serious short-circuit faults caused by fire or fire, or even losses; therefore, combination of screen and screen and the building must be strictly waterproof leak; the screen body should have good drainage measures once, the occurrence of water can be smoothly discharged; pay attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof.

Third points wind heat dissipation

Outdoor LED display should be equipped with ventilation equipment to cool down, so that the temperature inside the screen is between -10 and 40 degrees centigrade. Behind the screen is installed above the axial flow fan exhaust heat; outdoor LED display work itself to produce a certain quantity of heat, if the ambient temperature is too high and the heat radiation and the bad, integrated circuit may not work properly, even burned, so that the LED display system can not work properly.

Fourth points lightning protection

In outdoor LED display, the integration of electronic components is high, and the sensitivity to interference is more and more high. Lightning can harm the display system in a variety of ways. In general, it may hit the screen directly and then leak it into the ground via a grounding device. The lightning currents cause damage to the machine, electricity, and heat. The solution is to be equipotential connection, ungrounded or not good grounding metal shell, cable metal sheath, the display in the metal frame and reliable grounding device to prevent welding connected in these objects due to overvoltage or induction high voltage grounding device to transfer the lightning into the high potential to cause the insulation of equipment internal cable line counter. Outdoor LED display will also be caused by lightning caused by strong electromagnetic attack, so that the lightning caused by the current can be released in a timely manner, to reduce the over-voltage on the device, limiting the invasion of lightning wave. Lightning protection devices shall be installed on display screens and buildings.

Outdoor LED display grounding the grounding form are considered according to the actual situation; when the screen is set up independently, should set up separate grounding system, grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohm; when the screen is attached on the outer wall of the building, the display main body and the housing and building good ground, and public buildings and integrated grounding, grounding resistance should be less than 1 ohm.

Fifth point power supply system

LED outdoor displays generally use AC220V current supply, requiring grid voltage fluctuations less than 10%, and provide a good system grounding. For power consumption of more than 10kW display, should be equipped with special distribution cabinet.

In order to prevent leakage of fire, the switch shall be equipped with a fireproof leakage switch at the main switch of the power supply line. The monitor interface of the LCD controller in the distribution cabinet can display the real-time temperature in the display screen. In the automatic state, when the temperature inside the screen is more than 65 degrees, the monitoring screen will indicate the temperature is too high. Meanwhile, the LCD controller sends out an alarm sound, and the system will automatically cut off the power to prevent fire. According to the actual situation, the smoke detector can be installed in the display screen, and when the fire occurs in the screen, the monitoring interface will also have corresponding prompt information, and can also linkage, the power distribution system will automatically power-off.