LED screen common fault analysis

- May 30, 2019-

Now, the LED large screen is widely used , 

but in the process of our use of LED display, you may encounter many kinds of failure, 

LINGQI recommend you do a little bit on these aspects:

1. Why LED screen goes black?

In the process of using the control system, we occasionally encounter the black screen on the LED display. This may caused by various reasons. 

a. Ensure that all hardware including the control system is energized correctly.

b. Check if the serial cables used to connect the controller are loose.   this is the most reason of black screen when start loading

c. Check and confirm whether the LED screen and hub switchboard of the master control card are connected or inserted.

2, the LED screen just showing a few seconds or the screen picture don't change

When the screen controller is connected to the computer, hub switchboard and screen, the controller must be supplied with +5V power to make it work properly. When you turn it on, a bright line or "screen" appears for a few seconds. A bright line or "screen" is a normal test, alerting the user that the screen is about to start working properly. Within 2 seconds, this phenomenon automatically eliminates, the screen enters the normal working state.

3, several LED PCB units are not bright, or go dark

a. Visually check the power cord, 26P cable between the unit board and the power module indicator.

b. Measure the normal voltage of the panel with a multimeter, and then measure whether the voltage output of the power module is normal. If not, determine whether the power module is damaged.

c. Measure the voltage voltage of the power module, and adjust the power module close to the indicator during the fine-tuning to make the voltage reach the standard.

4. What is the cause of the unable load or unable communicate?

The reason for the unable communicate is different from the reason for the unable load, possibly due to the following reasons:

a. Ensure that the control system hardware is energized correctly.

b. Check the serial cable used to connect the controller is a direct cable, not a cross cable.

c. Check the serial port cable is in good condition and both ends are not loosening or falling off.

d. Control LED screen control software and your choice of control card, to select the correct product model, the correct transmission method, the correct serial number, the correct serial transmission rate and the correct Settings.

e. Check whether the jumper cover is loose or falling off; If the jumper cover is not loose, make sure the jumper cover is pointing in the right direction.