LED full color display energy saving?

- Aug 26, 2017-

Do such led full-color display full-color LED display light effect can be said to be what we usually understand, but not to pay too much attention to the place, then a good LED full color, a light source products for power consumption is also very concerned about, because this is certainly will affect the energy consumption and the cost of the product itself. Based on the above the problem, how can we improve the LED full color light effect, reduce the cost.

1, multi chip packaging, resulting in degradation in yield and difficult to achieve the consistency of light.

2, the consistency of light colors, how to achieve consistency of light is very difficult, but also increase costs.

3, high power full-color indoor LED display package of higher reliability, raw materials are relatively more expensive, making the cost is not easy to drop.

4, LED should be consistent with the quality requirements of consumers.

5, warm white light and high color rendering. The softness and high efficiency will be reduced Zeguang.

6, high-power LED packaging process is very complex, artificial proportion is high, it is not easy to use, production to reduce costs.

LED full color display, LED as a green, energy-saving light source will be favored, as a mainstream media, LED display technology in the future.

In order to break through the bottleneck of development of this industry is restricted, many novel solutions are proposed, and the verification of the theory, most of which have entered the testing stage, some success has been achieved, and laid a solid foundation for the final industrialization.