Introduction To The Working Principle Of LED Display Screen

- Aug 26, 2017-

The LED display is a flat display screen consisting of a light-emitting diode, a dot matrix module, or a pixel unit. Because it has high luminous efficiency and long service life, flexible configuration, rich colors and for indoor and outdoor environment adaptability advantages, since late 1980s, with the continuous improvement of the LED manufacturing technology, has been widely used in foreign countries. After China's reform and opening up, especially in 90s the rapid growth of the national economy, released information on the public needs of the increasingly strong, LED display just adapt to the market situation, so in the design of LED display panel manufacturing technology and application level have been improved rapidly.

LED display has gone from monochrome, two-color display, to image display, until today's full color video display development process. Considerable progress has been made both in the performance of the period (brightness enhancement, LED monitors and blue LED lights, etc.) and in the composition of the system (computerized fully dynamic display systems). At present, the ultra high brightness, full-color Video display level has been achieved, it can be said to meet the requirements of a variety of application conditions. Its application field has already covered the transportation, the securities, the telecommunication, the advertisement, the propaganda and so on.