How to select a bus shelter

- May 29, 2019-

Usually you have several design choices of bus shelter for your city. But due to the different situations of cities , which would be the best selection?  

Below is some tips for refrence:


Selection of bus shelter for big cities.

Generally, stainless steel and aluminium alloy bus shelter are the main ones. 

Stainless steel and aluminium alloy bus shelter have little environmental requirements .

 And with modern technique like AI voice guide, digital signage , advertising light boxes would be quite good for Central Business District.


Selection of bus shelter for medium cities.

Mainly stainless steel and steel structure. Because of its good structural performance and reasonable cost, these steel structure bus shelter is now the most common used one.

Selection of bus shelter for suburb.

Generally, depending on the situation, high-grade bus shelter can also be selected for better conditions, 

but nowadays most suburb are still use bus stop signs and no regular shelter.

Selection of bus shelter for continuously inhabited cities: 

Of course, the bus shelter in an ancient city should be maintain antique style or simple style.


Bus shelter is a main point of public traffic of the city , it should make the city more beautiful.