How to choose Mupi Advertising for Bus shelter

- Dec 01, 2019-

On the bus shelter , Mupi is essential.

The mupi mainly uses a set of digital rolling system to drive the poster to rotate at intervals.

To achieve the effect of display multiple pictures in the light box.

Some digital mupis are LED display screen, which is used to release public information or increase the visual attraction.

I.Select a reliable manufacturer.

Only the enterprise with technology, can ensure the quality control of srolling mupi.

Moreover, the after-service is also important when you encounter the daily issues.           

II. Decide the mupi model according to your advertisement poster, the position and the space to install.       


III. Considering the enviorment.

For example, in rainy and humid places, it is better to choose material of Aluminium Alloy or Stainless Steel. Choose a scrolling mupi with good performance and long durability. Good quality and durable use also reduce a lot of maintenance costs, save purchase costs and maintenance time cost.