How to choose good advertising light box

- Jun 14, 2019-

Light box advertisements are now widely used indoors and outdoors, so how to choose a good light box?            

Below are some points :            

1. The  exterior frame of the advertising light box.            

At present, the exterior frame of advertising light box is mostly metal material. 

Galvanized sheet/stainless steel/aluminium profile can be used, and toughened glass or endurance sheet can be used on the surface.

Aluminum profiles and tempered glass are recommended to be used, so that the advertising light box has longer service life, 

more durable, and the aluminum profiles are not easy to deform and more corrosion-resistant. 

Compared with other advertising light box, aluminum profiles are a good choice.    


2. The internal circuit of the light box.            

What we see is the surface of the advertising light box, but the hidden inside of the lamp box is the real core, 

whether the internal wiring is reasonable, whether there are hidden dangers, or the quality of the lamp wiring and circuit breaker and other factors determine whether the advertising light box is qualified.            

If the quality of the product is not up to standard, it will cause great trouble for future maintenance and use.            

3. The installation of light boxes.            

No matter how the advertising light box is designed, the principle of easy installation is the most important.

It can ensure the safety of the advertising light box in the use process.            

Because of its material and quality, if the advertising light box installation problems are not solved in time, 

it will cause a very serious potential safety hazard. 

Therefore, convenient installation is also one of the top priorities we consider.