Five Advantages of bus digital signage

- Aug 10, 2019-

Five Advantages of bus digital signage

1. Low Cost

The advertising service rate of bus stations is 78%, which is only lower than that of network media. It has great advantages in spreading population. Compared with the per capita cost, the advantages of low advertising cost in bus digital signage are obvious and have good advertising benefits.

2. Monopoly

Bus digital signage advertisement is a unique and monopolistic advertisement for the audience.

3. Multimedia is better

Bus digital signage advertisements, through video and audio, attract more attention than ordinary advertisements.

4. Rich information

Bus digital signage can provide daily news, weather and other public information, so that consumers actively pay attention to bus digital signs.

5. Remote Quick Update

The contents of bus digital signage can be updated continuously through the Internet or LAN, so as to better adapt to business changes or opportunities.

Bus digital signage are one of the most powerful advertising tools. Our company's goal is to provide customized digital signage applications to meet customer requirements.