Digital signage power projection in the future market, huge growth opportunities

- Aug 26, 2017-

The camera application scene and solutions are brilliant, and the participants have a great sense of participation. In the interactive projection technology, stage projection display, theme parks, retail shop, 3D Mapping, creative city landscape, large screen interactive education and wall show, immersed dome scheme exhibition, exhibitors participants exhibit solutions of the latest products in the field and the trend of cutting-edge 2017 year projection display.

Beijing, April 20, 2017 - 2017 Beijing international audiovisual integration equipment and technology exhibition InfoComm China was held in Beijing National Convention Center from April 12, 2017 to 14. Projection display equipment, as an important field of previous exhibitions, has attracted worldwide attention from exhibitors and users. IDC believes that this exhibition has several hot spots in the field of projection display:

EPSON, SONY, DP, BARCO, Hitachi, Matsushita, Christie, Vivitek, light peak, DET and many other well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers around the 4K, 8K, and a new generation of laser technology, laser projector screen home theater, high brightness projectors, laser film projector and part of micro investment products have appeared this exhibition.

Cloud computing, virtual reality technology, intelligent interaction, big data analysis, smart city and other hot spots in the field of projection display has been integrated into a variety of industry solutions, and landing implementation. It is believed that these technologies will be popularized and applied more quickly in 2017.

IDC has been devoted to the field of projective display. Throughout the exhibition, IDC believes that the future projection show market prospects for the good, the following aspects of particular concern:

The domestic well-known manufacturers, the projection display field wincomm in Dewey, science and technology, traditional Chinese painting, reflecting the handsome Zhonghang East Central Plains, Changhong, light peak, Aurora branch carries a number of independent research and development of patent, display a variety of high-end laser products, as well as large industry solutions and successful cases, the rise of local brands exciting.

The commercial market, especially the middle and high-end engineering machines, has been representing the cutting-edge technology trends in the projection display market. With the implementation of the 13th Five-Year plan, new application scenarios and demand rise The Belt and Road, smart city, digital signage, wisdom tourism, cultural market investment, Internet plus, the next generation of security technology, China manufacturing 2025, big data, enterprise digital transformation concept and its projection display field especially for. The field of engineering machine provides a number of market opportunities and development space.

With the steady growth of GDP, the acceleration of urbanization and the increase of disposable income of residents, the upgrading of consumption has become the core stimulating factor to stimulate the development of this market. We observe that high-end laser "no screen" home theater developed rapidly in the past year, many manufacturers join the competition, and the unit price has been lowered to geeks or high-end consumers acceptable price range. In addition, the use of LED light micro projector, relying on Internet marketing model and its cost-effective advantages, by many young consumer groups sought after. At the same time, veteran projector manufacturers are also highly concerned about the household market, in the price of RMB ten thousand yuan, the competition is intense. In addition, the film market in recent years is very hot, the box office record highs, attracting many capital intervention. Mainstream and high-end movie projectors will usher in many market opportunities, and will complete the upgrading of laser products.

4K, 8K, the new generation of laser light products and the upgrading of LED products, the further shortening of the R & D cycle and the acceleration of product iterations will continue to drive the development of the projection display market. But the product oriented to user oriented significantly accelerate the transformation, the user needs as the core, in-depth mining applications, application scenarios and solutions more comprehensive user experience will become one of the important factors leading the future oriented product development.