Digital signage development trend

- Aug 26, 2017-

Digital signage has a wide range of applications, which makes its customer requirements vary. Each customer has their own unique needs, and this is the digital signage (Digital Signage) enterprises in the use of new technologies, can not be stereotyped, and flexible according to the specific needs of customers to apply. Take part of the customer's needs and keep those dispensable functions removed. Only in this way can we reduce the cost of digital signage  as much as possible so as to help open up the market.

Now the consumer lifestyle changes, the change of information show the following trends: 1, digital information is diverse, changeable, applications are more and more, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, government agencies, enterprises, exhibition venues, education institutions, supermarkets, intelligent buildings, transportation hub etc.. 2, interaction becomes the new demand, interactive search, price search, item search and so on. 3, the content of services, such as weather forecast, tour guide, hotel facilities and attractions publicity, guidance services, guidance, business activities, business meetings, announcements, events the airport service projects 4, personalized self-service, interactive information access, the transaction is complete, fast fast search.