Development of Aluminum Profile Technology

- May 13, 2019-

Aluminum alloy profiles have high strength, light weight, strong stability, strong corrosion resistance, good plasticity, small deformation, pollution-free, non-toxic, strong fire resistance, long service life (up to 50-100 years), good recovery, and can be refining. Over the years, 6063 Aluminium Alloys (nearly 100 kinds of aluminium alloys) have been used as door and window frames in the world. The main reason is that the metal surface has good anodic oxidation effect. The anodic oxidation is white at first, and then the electrolyte is further changed to reach the bronze color. These two main colors have been used in China for more than ten years. Ten years ago, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, introduced the technology of aluminium surface powder spraying, which can be sprayed with various colors. But at that time, the domestic economy was not allowed, and the market did not recognize the colorful doors and windows, which was ugly. With the rapid development of domestic economy, people's aesthetic views have also changed. Now people think that the color of white and bronze doors and windows aluminum is monotonous and not rich and colorful, and then require a variety of colors, such as green, yellow, red, blue, etc. Only green can be divided into six kinds.


In the extrusion process of aluminium materials, if the extrusion die is not very good or the die extrudes too much aluminium, the surface of aluminium materials will produce extrusion marks, which may be touched unevenly by hand. In order to make the surface of aluminium materials smooth and smooth and not touch the extrusion marks, aluminium factories usually use alkali water to corrode the extrusion marks first. Sand blasting technology is an advanced method for surface treatment of aluminium profiles in recent years. The surface extrusion marks of aluminium profiles are abraded by special sand jet at high speed. In fact, several well-known domestic large aluminium factories, aluminium profile extrusion export because of good die, advanced equipment, technology, no extrusion marks, and no need for sand blasting. Users purchase aluminium materials without the requirement of smoothness, but require "sandblasting aluminium materials". In fact, aluminium profiles without sand blasting are really good aluminium profiles.