Advantages of LED ad screens

- Aug 26, 2017-

All along, LED advertising display plays an important role in the field of outdoor billboards, different from the general, LED display with a flexible, real-time playback of the latest information, such as remote viewing clear function, it is precisely because of these irreplaceable function makes the LED screen favored. The LED advertising screen is becoming a new force in the advertising media as a new media publicity technique. The media advertising business also gradually understanding and recognition of the LED display the new advertising practices, it can complete the product of cross media, news and information bureau to convey Doug, digital readers in more diverse information experience. In the face of the advertising media business and the advantages of the LED display itself, LED display media advertising has become more and more important in the advertising media industry.

LED advertising display function advantage:

1, in a single or more commercial centers, large traffic areas, the construction of outdoor full-color LED display, covering the whole city or even the country's outdoor large screen network.

2, large screen, strong visual impact, the surface ultra clear, great shock force. Without exception, Zhang's powerful advertising charm! Conducive to the shaping and dissemination of brand image. Many LED advertising screens are local landmarks, and they are good advertising in their own right.

3, busy streets, residential areas, such as the construction of high-definition small and medium-sized LED full-color display or information screen, constitute a media publishing network, its transmission effect is more shocking, more mandatory.

4, small screen, transmission, permeability, network wide coverage, direct consumption terminals, low investment, quick results, good publicity.

5, homemade programs, instant play, rich content; not only advertising, as well as programs, including topics, columns, variety, animation, radio drama, TV series, program gap, spot advertising.