Horizontal Touch Screen Floor Stand Display

Horizontal Touch Screen Floor Stand Display

Wall Mounted Digital Advertising Screen

Product Details

Horizontal touch screen floor stand display


1. Android Operating System are Standard; Remote management is available.
2. Windows + I3/ I5/ I7 CPU is optional.
3. Touch foil, IR touch and Capacitive touch are optional.
4. Adopt newest A+LCD screen,with high contrast ration,high brightness,last longer and work better.
5. Ultra thin design.
6. Warranty: 1 years

What can digital advertising screens display?

Our digital advertising screens are capable of showing both image slideshows and videos, with the option of playing audio through the built in speakers. The advertising screens can even present images and videos simultaneously, thanks to its clever split screen capability. Simply create your content via PC or Mac, save your files to a USB stick and insert the USB to start your digital screen advertising, or transfer the files to the built-in storage. The digital poster display screen has settings which allow you to loop your presentation, or set an on/off timer so it only plays when required.

The unit is WiFi enabled and features an Android operating system which allows you to download and run your choice of apps. These can range from to ordering systems and stock checkers, to websites, product selectors and wayfinding applications to help guide visitors around your store, exhibitions or product information.

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